Drone Mapping for

Surveying & Construction

Save time and reduce risk with sharable drone maps and 3D models

How do drones benefit the construction industry?

Builders use us to collect real-time data about projects and understand what’s happening on site. Aerial insights improve progress tracking and help catch problems early — before they become costly or add weeks to a project’s timeline.

Progress tracking is far from the only way construction companies use drones. By having us spend less than an hour each week mapping a job site, contractors gain access to an unprecedented amount of knowledge about nearly every aspect of their project. With this data in hand, we make it easy for you to plan, communicate, and keep projects on schedule.


How are Construction Companies Benefitting from Drones and Aerial Data?

Drones do more than improve communication and help keep projects on track. They also increase safety, save time and resources, fast-track surveying, and deliver accurate measurements.

“We saw what was a 2–3 week and several tens of thousands of dollars process become a 1–4 day process with only a couple of thousand of dollars invested in drone services. When you’re looking at dramatic 75% or greater cost and time improvement, it’s really powerful,”

— Hunter Cole, Brasfield and Gorrie General Contractors

“Drones change the game in communication. A [drone] photo is worth a thousand words, and potentially millions of dollars.” 
 — Ryan Moret, Field Solutions Manager at McCarthy Building Companies 


We reached out to some customers earlier this year, and they reported a wide range of benefits from using drones.

Explore the infographic to the left for the complete breakdown of the results.

How Accurate is

Drone Data Captured on the Job Site?

As construction companies turn to drones for aerial data collection, we’ve seen a rise in the demand for higher data accuracy. Today, we can use ground control points (GCPs) — ground markers measured with GPS to calculate absolute global positioning . The number of maps processed globally with GCPs grew 5X in 2017 and is currently increasing at a rate of 20% each month.

Measurements are also more common with construction customers. Construction companies use our built-in analysis and annotation tools to calculate area, volume, and distance accurately. Exactly how accurate are drone measurements? Using GCPs, we can achieve 99% accuracy.

What are we measuring?

 Stockpiles are some of the most common things measured with drones on the job site. 

"Believe the hype you are hearing about drones.
Drones are going to change the construction
industry—it’s already happening."
- Grant Hagen, Virtual Design and Construction Manager

So, What do we do?

• Progress Tracking and Reporting

• Mapping*

• Measurement*

• Land Surveying*

• Inspection*

*Our services are provided only to give insight and information about the job site. All critical data is to be reviewed by a licensed inspector or land surveyor.