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If you're looking for a way to document your construction project from start to finish, Drone Estate is the perfect solution. Our drones provide HD video and still photography, giving you a comprehensive record of your project. And because our drones are so flexible, you can get shots from all sorts of angles and perspectives - something that's simply not possible with traditional methods like ground-based photography or video.  Whether you're an owner who wants to keep track of progress or a contractor who needs to document a job for your portfolio, Drone Estate is the perfect solution.

What We Do

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  • Capture clear & precise process of construction 

  • Provides confidence to investors throughout the entire process

  • Detail oriented building inspections

HD Photos & Video

Show off your properties with breathtaking imagery

Custom Packages

Only pay for what you need for vision come to life.

Simple Scheduling

Schedule your next project

with just a few clicks.

Quick Delivery

24 - 48 hour turnaround for photography and 2 - 4 day for video.

Experienced Pilots

Most experienced in the industry.

We are happy to help.

Local, Reliable.

Myrtle Beach is our home. We are willing to travel.


Construction in Progress
Seaside Construction


Detailed Mapping

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