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Listing Media For Agents and Owners
in Myrtle Beach & Surrounding Areas

Hand Blended Images

We offer simple flat rate pricing for our real estate images. For our 25 photo package we charge $155 plus tax, and for 40 photos we charge $175. No hidden fees or travel charges within our service area.

Drone Photos

We charge just $95 for our 6 drone photo package. Our photographers are FAA Part 107 Certified so you can rest easily knowing you will not only get high quality drone photos, but also legal drone photos!

Twilight & Virtual Twilight Photos

We offer both standard twilight photos (taken at dusk) and virtual twilight photos (daylight photos edited to resemble dusk photos). Our virtual twilight photo package is $95 for 4 photos, and our standard twilight photos are $195 for 4 photos.


 Listing videos are a great way to bring a listing to life and is a great social media asset! Our 60 second videos, which include both standard and drone footage, are just $250. We also offer vertical video for Instagram & FB reels - these videos are $125.

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